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Working Together Through Community Development, Small Business, And Childbirth Projects. We Make A Difference One Person At A Time.

"To know Christ we must know the poor"

- Pope Francis

Construction Continues in Balan

This project is engaging with 70 families that make up Balan Village and will provide safe housing, clean water and sanitation, life skills training and access to microenterprise opportunities over a five-year period. These interventions will improve the quality and stability of the livelihoods and the surrounding environment, by ensuring that basic needs are met. Residents will be able to realize their potential by increasing their personal capacity and productivity, adopting and implementing better management practices and having access to additional services. The project follows a comprehensive approach to community development that includes not only sound and appropriate house construction and infrastructure improvements, but also essential interventions in capacity building, socioeconomic development and life skills training. The roads have been cleared and construction of the community center is nearing completion and several homes are under construction.

Transforming Lives In Haiti

Typical "Before" house in Prolonge' - March 16, 2006
Nativity Village at Lozandier - November 14, 2012

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Father Martin always said that when you see the Haitian people, you will see the face of Jesus. As many have travelled and experienced this, they also experienced one constant that the people, despite their many struggles and challenges always had hope. Come and experience . . .