Kate’s Story

By Kate Moynihan (New York City)                                                                                                        September, 2006

Now that I have re-adjusted to life in the US (although it will never be quite the same) I wanted to thank you so much for making me feel a part of the Nativity Church group in your pilgrimage to Haiti. It was an incredible gift for me to be able to travel to Haiti, especially with the Nativity group! To see the extreme poverty firsthand brought a whole new reality to me of what the poor face every day. It brought the faces in the pictures to life – the faces of the children and their haunting eyes that tell the story of what it is like to be poor – to wonder if you will have food to eat or a house to sleep in. The smells added yet another dimension to the reality – one that cannot be described fully and must be experienced firsthand.

Most importantly I found hope in Haiti. The gratitude and thankfulness of the people we met in Nativity Village and at the Tilapia farm were overwhelming. The people were so kind and loving. . .and they were so happy and thankful. It was easy to see that through the generosity of your parish you have truly made a difference in their lives. . . they were the lucky ones. . .they had been saved. . . they had shelter and food . . .and they had hope and believed their future would be better.