Mission Trip Stories

This page is dedicated to our many traveller’s who have visited Haiti first hand and experienced the sights, sounds and life of the Haitians. You may sort this page as you wish to read through the stories. It is suggested you start with the stories in 1999 as you will see the progress and impact that Nativity, Food For the Poor, and our partners have made over the years.

YearMission StoryRead
2001Natasha's StoryNatasha’s Story
2001Maria's StoryMaria’s Story
2002Bill's StoryBill’s Story
1999Bob's StoryBob’s Story
2004Chris' StoryChris’ Story
2010Cynde's StoryCynde’s Story
1999Don's StoryDon’s Story
2010Gianina's StoryGianina’s Story
2010Gianina's Story (Part 2)Gianina’s Story (Part 2)
2006Jennifer's StoryJennifer’s Story
1999Jim's StoryJim’s Story
2006Kate's StoryKate’s Story
2001Kirk's PoemKirk’s Poem
2010Lauren's StoryLauren’s Story
2009Kiki's StoryKiki’s Story
2006Paige's StoryPaige’s Story
2002Tom's StoryTom’s Story
2006Hollis' StoryHollis’ Story