Nativity Village at Despuzeau

  • Project Description: The project is significantly impacting the lives of 40 more families
    with the provision of safe houses with water, sanitation and solar-powered lights. In
    addition, beneficiaries are receiving an animal husbandry initiative with components of
    chickens, pigs and cows.
    This project will also provide solar-powered street lamps and a community center that
    will benefit the entire community of Despuzeau.
    The following components are included:
     Construction of 40 two-bedroom houses with water and sanitation
     Solar-powered light kits for 40 families
     Animal husbandry of layers, broilers, pigs and cows
     Medicine, vitamins and minerals
     Chicken coop
     Broiler enclosure
     Cow enclosure
     Pig pen
     Community center
     Solar-powered street lamps
  • Brief Project Update  - Housing and Infrastructure
    10 of the 15 homes have been completed. The Haiti Housing and Infrastructure team reported that construction of the remaining five homes has begun.
  • Animal Husbandry and Agriculture
    Since the last report, a total of 100 bags of feed have been distributed to the leaders of
    Despuzeau. The remaining vitamins and antibiotics for the layers and broilers were
    delivered as well.  The layers have now reached their 7th month of production. The laying rate registered
    for October was 56.21% and the rate for November was 43.18%. The sale of eggs for
    these two months totaled $1,165.94. Since September, a decrease in the level of maintenance for the animals has been noted. This is due to the political unrest, during which no technical monitoring was possible and the transport of food was irregular.
  • Broilers
    During the second week of November, chicks for the fifth cycle were installed. The
    chicks have now entered their growing stage. The fifth cycle should be completed on
    January 3rd, 2020, after which beneficiaries will launch the sixth cycle with the profits
    generated from the previous cycle.
  • Cows
    There are now 20-30 cows in the gestation phase. Within the next five to six months, the
    breeding herd should start to produce calves and milk, provided there are no abortions
    or mortalities.
  • Pigs
    Construction of the pig pen has begun and should be completed within a thirty day
    deadline. Once the construction has been completed, an order for the pigs will be
  • Success story
    Jimmy Felix is a young leader from Despuzeau, who has shown his gratefulness for the
    project by saying, “Before the execution of this projects in my locality, the living
    conditions of the residents were deplorable. They lived in small houses built mostly
    with wood including mud. Their diet was extremely deficient in animal protein and
    their sources of income were very limited. Most of the population could not afford to
    buy meat and eggs to properly feed their families. In addition, when they could afford
    them, they were forced to travel long distances to gain access to these products, often of
    questionable quality.” “Now, thanks to the help received from the donors of Food For the Poor, we are experiencing a commendable improvement in our community. We now have layers, broilers, cows and they are currently building a pigsty. Given these donations we benefited from this project, it is with a very grateful heart and on behalf of all the recipients that I send a big and warm thank you to the donors and I will keep praying for God’s protection over them and their family.””
Fr. Bob Cilinski blesses new home - July 12, 2017
Fr. Bob Cilinski blesses new home - July 12, 2017
Child celebrates new home - July 12, 2017
Child celebrates new home - July 12, 2017
New homes  - July 12, 2017
New homes - July 12, 2017
Fr. Bob Cilinski shows family new home - July 12, 2017
Fr. Bob Cilinski shows family new home - July 12, 2017
Fr. Cilinski with Baby Fi at her new home - July 12, 2017
Fr. Cilinski with Baby Fi at her new home - July 12, 2017