Operation Starfish – Lent 2016

Thanks for continuing to put your pocket change and paper currency into the basket for Operation Starfish and Catholic Relief Services.

Tossing in a few dollar bills and your extra change goes a long way when everyone is doing it. Last year we raised $426,377.37 for Operation Starfish. That a huge amount of love going into that simple wicker basket.


What’s even more amazing is what Operation Starfish was able to do with that money in three impoverished Caribbean and Central American nations:


  1. Complete Phase II of Good Shepherd Village (40 homes, sanitation projects, clean drinking water, add marketplace structures with toilets and animal pens).
  2. Provide support for the St. Anthony Health Center in Nativity Village, provide 100 goats and 50 cows for the animal husbandry program and more.
  3. Fund the school scholarship at primary schools in all of our Nativity Villages.
  4. Provide books and computers for the DaCruz Library and initial book stocks for a new library in Nativity Village at Chastenoye and provide book stocks for new library in Madras.
  5. Provide initial book stocks for a new library in Nativity Village at Madras.
  6. Provide surgical supplies for Bernard Mevs Hospital.
  7. Provides family support for patients at Cardinal Leger Leper Hospital.
  8. Build a new dormitory at Montessino Orphanage and two playgrounds at primary schools.

Dominican Republic

  1.  Build a greenhouse for the Diocese Mission at Banica


  1. Provide a new boat, motor and equipment for a fishing co-op, along with education assistance for the family assigned to the boat.

Your contributions have made a huge difference in the lives of many! May God bless you!

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